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The name Entos comes from the Greek word "ἐντός" which means Within

Cost Management

Heritage Consulting

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Project Management

Client Focused

Entos provides project consulting services across all levels of a project. This is fundamental to our approach because as an independent adviser, we can provide our clients with impartial and objective advice.

What We Do

Our clients value our hands-on but strategic approach to safeguarding and building important structures.
We bring our practical knowledge – both heritage and contemporary – to every project.

Our services include:

Cost Estimating

Cost management is the process of estimating, allocating, and controlling the costs in a project. It includes tasks such as planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing, and controlling costs so that the project can be completed within the approved budget

Preliminary Estimate. This is our speciality that you can get a preliminary estimate at the concept stage of your construction project. The purpose is to provide you with an introductory cost of your project before committing to detailed design.

Project Management

What value can a Project Manager add to your project?

The earlier in the life of your project you engage a Project Manager, the greater value they can add and the higher the likelihood that your project outcome will be optimised.
We manage clients entire project, from project planning to the design phase then to tendering, contractor selection, negotiating the best rates for works & construction through to the conclusion of the project. Entos helps navigate its way through the myriad of issues that arise during building projects. In short, a Project Manager helps deliver what you want while managing your risk.

Best practice stakeholder communication is essential to achieving the result our clients demand, so we invest heavily in providing quality communication throughout all of our projects. We implement and regularly share programme wide tracking resources and will feed information into our clients’ own reporting systems.

Heritage Consulting

Entos has a strong association and understanding of heritage, adaptive re-use and restoration. The nature of these projects generally means they include both seismic and regulatory upgrades of building systems, which adds to the complexity of dealing with the building fabric to physically incorporate these new elements.

Conservation, in terms of buildings, is all about the management of change. It’s about understanding what makes a building significant and endeavoring to ensure that features or elements are retained in any change of use.

Whether you are seeking to repair, alter, maintain or purchase a heritage building, our highly experienced team will guide you through the process and help conserve the nation’s heritage. We have a high level (wealth) of experience in this field with team members having worked as Project and Cost Managers on heritage buildings. We will use this experience to ensure your building retains its historical significance while meeting your needs as well as those of the New Zealand Building Code.

About Us and Why Entos

Justin & Alan are proud to be part of the successful restoration of many Christchurch landmarks, restoring their heritage and structural integrity on behalf of Christchurch City Council and the Insurer’s. Part of that success was filling the clients with confidence that our lateral thinking and detailed early scope/estimating to give them good information to manage their budget

We are most often engaged as the skilled advocate of the project. providing the resources and specialist expertise necessary to successfully manage all aspects of project delivery. We are here to provide you comprehensive and proven project and cost management systems to effectively manage projects from the business case to final completion.

Alan Brown

Alan loves buildings and architecture, but surfing keeps Alan in the waters surrounding New Zealand’s coast frequently, plus a few sneaky trips to the tropics.
Alan enjoys travel and leisure activities, including mountain biking and trekking with his partner, Michele.

Justin Roberts

Justin’s passion for the ocean has him either surfing or paddling a waka around the country. Its fair to say the staff enjoy “board meetings”.
Justin’s family life with 3 home schooled children, dog and lovely partner keeps life in perspective.
Work life balance is essential to happiness.

Peggy Yang

Peggy was a professional long jumper earlier in her life — this has shaped her personality to be strongly focused on goals she wants to reach. Besides sports, she loves enjoying life with a wide range of interests from books to movies, dance to fire poi, arts to travel, and experiencing cultures and food; the great moments in life.
Board meetings are something new she picked up ever since starting with Entos!